Counselling services for children, adolescents and adults with an eclectic and holistic approach.


Expressive Therapy

Animal Assisted Play Therapy

More about Inner Journey Counselling Services

Counselling may include techniques and interventions from traditional talk therapy approaches to utilising creative types of activities. For example i may utilise; symbol work, sand play therapy, emotional release processes, imagination, visualisation, body focus, relaxation, drawing, music, imagery or working with clay. I utilise approaches that encourage self awareness for meaning making, clarity and direction for your inner journey.

I have a University Degree in Counselling, i am a qualified Expressive therapist and i have a Diploma in Youth work. I have attended numerous workshops and training events over the years which enable me to work in a diverse way utilising my training, working knowledge and experience with complex and challenging issues. 

I have attended extensive training in Animal Assisted Play Therapy and have a therapy cat named "Dobby".

I offer group work utilising Expressive Therapy techniques and activities for personal growth. 

I have worked for many years with 'at risk' youth in case management, youth work agencies, youth residential care facilities, youth mental health advocacy and as a foster carer.


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